Have you ever wondered why you miss typos in your own work? It's simply your eyes seeing what they expect to see. Using spell and grammar check helps, but they don't catch everything. Not having your work proofread increases the odds of it not appearing as you intended.


So much of our digital footprint is written. How well we write, and how correctly we write, can make a huge difference in how we are perceived by potential clients and fans. Paula has been my proofreader of choice for many years. She always catches that duplicate word, that typo that becomes a word that changes your sentence, and that quirky phrasing that just doesn’t work to convey your meaning. Paula keeps my writing clean and sharp, and I know she has made the difference between submitted, and accepted for publication. ~ Pamela Potter, Writer and Editor

Paula has been proofreading my professional newsletter since March of 2018. I depend on her eagle eyes to catch typos, formatting issues, and occasional lapses in clarity. She's quick, dependable, and accurate. I trust her implicitly with my work and regard her as a valued business partner. ~ Lisa Ellison, Writer, Editor, and Writing Coach